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Steelworks specializes in making custom hand-crafted wrought iron gates in any size and style. When it comes to your home, wrought iron is an excellent choice. It fits any style of home or business as a furniture accessory or to fulfill a functional necessity. Whether you’re looking for a simple design or a more integrate ornate design, wrought iron can be your first pick for any entry door, driveway, window, interior or exterior railing, or pedestrian walkway for indoors or outdoors. To understand wrought iron, a little history is shared with you. Wrought iron has been around since ancient times. Egyptians were popular wrought iron users with their heavy axes and chisels. The vast capabilities of wrought iron were not fully understood until the blacksmith came along. The It’s become a very popular decorative material to use in homes, commercial/industrial businesses, and public facilities such as libraries, schools, museums, and historical fixtures. The possibilities are endless for the uses of wrought iron.

  • What are the benefits of using wrought iron?

Wrought iron is easy to work with because it’s a malleable but durable metal. Wrought iron can be bent to any shape therefore fit any decorative and functional need. It’s easy to weld wrought iron to any material because of it’s ability to change form in extreme temperatures. By adding galvanized or power coatings wrought iron will resist corrosion or rust caused by weather and potential damage caused by insects. No matter how simplistic or ornate the style, wrought iron can enhance the attractiveness of any home, business, or public facility. Wrought iron ages with grace and durability is a guarantee.

Your custom made wrought iron will give your home a welcoming and sophisticated look that will last a lifetime with no worries about damage caused by environmental factors such as weather or insects. We have all the equipment necessary to manufacture and customize our own wrought iron gates and that also gives us the advantage of working with your architect to design an iron gate you’ll be proud of owning.

Quality experience is something we’ve earned. Our wrought iron gates are top notch because we have a dedicated crew and we use the best quality materials and supplies. The iron gates we fabricate can be bent, twisted, turned, shaped and welded to create the exact iron gate you envision.

  • We pride ourselves in offering our customers a large selection of iron gate designs, colors, finishes and architectural specifics such as monograms or emblems.

Please feel free to navigate our site for all of our wrought iron work. Once we meet with you for your free wrought iron consultation please ask for our portfolio to view more our sample work. Our service specialists can answer your questions. Or if you have any specific questions feel free to contact us http://steelworks-online.com/contact-us-info/.