Steelworks has been serving all of San Diego including La Jolla, Mission Beach, Chula Vista, Rancho Bernardo, Oceanside, and Carmel Valley with high quality fencing solutions for over decade.  As one of the leading fence companies in the area, Steelworks provides unsurpassed quality and service for commercial, industrial, and residential fencing.

excellence in products and service on every job—from security and commercial fence enclosures to beautiful wrought iron and ornamental fencing.

Working with various materials is our specialty when it comes to metal fencing. Metal fences can be constructed using the material of your choice and also to meet the specifications in dimensions including adhering to building codes and industry standards.

Regardless of the choice in metal, we guarantee to use only the best in quality leaving your fence with a strong and durable wrought iron look. Fences can be constructed using various material including steel, aluminum, and iron. These are virtually cost effective materials that won’t rust and will last you a lifetime.

Benefits of Choosing a Steel Fence

If you are considering a fence constructed out of material not exclusive to metal here are a few things to consider.  Other materials such as wood or vinyl are affected by all weather conditions even after a few years of exposure. This requires more maintenance over the years to include time, money, and effort on your part. That’s not a cost effective approach when considering a fence for your property.  A steel fence on the other hand, has the strength and durability that is incomparable to any other material.

Regardless of the type of metal you choose, it is built to last a lifetime with little maintenance required. A steel fence can give the illusion of security but also add a quality of attractiveness that wood cannot offer. Because metal is so flexible it can be welded easily or attached to virtually any type of post including concrete, rock, and metal alike. In essence, metal fencing is applicable to any type of setting giving a look of elegance and increasing the value of the property its settled in.

Fence Styles

fence for a residential, commercial, or industrial property to create the appearance of privacy and security, or a fence to enclose and add an attractive look to a public pool. Regardless of the purpose you want to fence to serve, there are many styles that can be incorporated into a metal fabricated fence.

Your fence will include a vertical spire with a cap post. The ensuing fence pickets may be basic in design and follow a simple pattern or may include scroll work for a more ornate fence. Finials are the designs that are added to the top part of your fence picket. The design you choose for your fence can depend on the appearance you want to communicate to the public. Finials can also function as a protective barrier for your property. Finials designs include a small ball, pyramid, spade, pineapple, or various spear types including the diamond spear.

Type of Fences

Contact us for your next fencing project. We will work with you on a size, design, and color to build the fence you’re looking for.  Feel free to view our gallery.  If you’ve got a style in mind already we’ll work with you, your architect, and contractor to make sure we meet your needs.

At Steelworks we are in the business of getting you happily settled with the fence of your dreams.