Pool Fences

Steelworks specialize in pool fence fabrication. We’ve successfully fabricated pool fence systems meeting each and every customer’s individual needs. We take each individual pool fence project and treat it as serious business. We can fabricate your pool fence system needs and budget.

Our year round sunny San Diego climate is ideal for pool recreation and fun. But safety and protection is first and foremost when taking on the responsibility of owning a pool. A secure pool fence must be the priority for any property owner that offers a pool for recreation. There’s nothing like having the peace of mind of owning a secure pool fence system.

There are a variety of complete pool fence systems to choose from. Steelworks will work with you to meet any special code requirements in your area.

Our quality workmanship also employs quality pool fence material. There are many advantages with using metal for your pool fence needs. Your choice in metal might include steel, iron, or aluminum but regardless of the choice the spacing of the pickets for your pool fence will offer an unobstructed view of your pool area. Metal pool fence enclosures increase the value of your property and enhance the look of any setting. Regardless of the picket design, decorative finials or rings you can transform your outdoor pool setting into a beautiful looking resort with the wrought iron look and feel of a pool fence system. Your pool fence will include a self-closing or self-latching closing mechanism. Take a look at the advantages of metal pool fence systems.

Removable vs Permanent Pool Fence

When it comes to choosing a pool fence for your property, it’s important to consider a variety of reasons for choosing a permanent pool fence. Removable pool fence systems do not give you the same quality pool fence system that a permanent pool fence will offer. An ornamental iron pool fence constructed out of steel, stainless steel, iron, or aluminum is a much better quality choice for your pool fence. The quality of any of these metal materials will last you a lifetime giving an increased warranty for your pool fence.

Choosing a removable pool fence means you’ll have to deal with the hassle of removing the pool fence. With time and changes in season the quality of material used in a removable pool fence will fade and stretch out. On the other hand, choosing a permanent pool fence will add beauty and elegance to any back yard setting or public pool facility making it the best choice for any pool owner.

Pool Fence Advantages

  • Unobstructed view necessary for supervision.
  • No “toe-holds” making it anti-climb proof.
  • Incredibly durable metal material.
  • Superior picket design with tightly spaced vertical pickets.
  • Enhances the look of any setting.
  • Relatively maintenance free.

All pool fence systems are constructed in shop. Therefore we will give you an affordable price. Contact Steelworks for your pool fence system. We offer a variety of styles in picket, post, and finials for your pool area. Let us create the oasis in your backyard by adding the finishing touch of a beautifully hand crafted pool fence system.