Why choose Steelworks for you next Iron Gate project?

Steelworks has over a decade of experience in custom fabricating top quality metal gates for the greater San Diego area.  We service all cities in the San Diego region including south, central, north, inland, and coastal areas.  We take pride in providing great customer service and producing a quality product at an affordable price. As a locally operated metal fabrication company we offer competitive pricing. 

Purpose of Owning a Gate

We offer an extensive list of choices in gate design, style, and fit to meet your needs. If you have a style in mind we can work with you and your architect to create the gate of your dreams. Gates are ideal for any setting in a residential, commercial, or industrial property.  Gates serves many purposes including protecting a property from break-ins, adding access control, or beautifying the exterior of any setting. Pave the entrance for your visitors by adding a decorative pedestrian gate or frame your small or large garden by adding a gate to increase its aesthetic appeal.

Our gates are constructed in-house giving you the liberty of stopping by to check out your work in progress.  Gates can be simple in design to serve a basic purpose of protecting or promoting privacy to a property. Gates can be custom fabricated with detailed stampings, balusters, or emblems. Our metal gates are top notch because we are devoted to using the best quality materials and supplies. With our equipment and experienced, the gates we fabricate can be bent, twisted, turned, shaped and welded to create the exact iron gate you envisioned. We’ve fabricated gates with complex designs that require precision and unique craftsmanship to meet the specifications requested by our clients.

Gates are constructed using only top quality material including steel, stainless steel, aluminum, or iron. Gates can be constructed to fit a unique or complex space. The possibilities in creating and fabricating a gate are endless. You can choose to have a manual gate or add the convenience of a gate operator with an automatic swing or slide feature. 
Types of Gates

Protecting Your Gate

At Steelworks we make sure your gate will last you a lifetime with worry free maintenance. We use the best powder coat paint to protect your gate against accidental chipping or scraping. A powder coat finish is a sure way to continuously promote strength, durability, and the look of a newly finished gate even after years of owning it. No gate leaves our shop unless we can guarantee with certainty that your gate will stay looking new for years to come.

Any outdoor gate should be hot-dipped galvanized to protect it from potentially rusting over time. It’s a safeguard against corrosion caused by moisture from climate, emissions, and other toxins emitted in the environment. All components of your outdoor gate are meticulously galvanized with several layers consisting of zinc and other alloy metals. Galvanizing will ensure your gate will maintain it’s durability and pristine look that will last a lifetime.

At Steelworks we pride ourselves in offering our customers a large selection of styles, colors, finishes, and architectural specifics for your gate. From concept , our experience will assist you with design and material selection of your iron gate to ensure the delivery of a quality gate. Contact us to help you create the metal gate of your dreams.  Call us for your free estimate.