Security & Commercial Gates

Steelworks can fabricate security and commercial gates at a competitive price. We’ve sold security and commercial gates to various residential complexes commercial properties around the San Diego area.

Why own an iron security or commercial gate for your business? We are a small business and we understand that protecting your property and expensive equipment is number one. A security or commercial gate fabricated from highly durable material such as metal will be impervious to any type of damage or break-in.

Keeping your valuables safe and secure is the key to helping your business thrive. A security gate is a great investment for any commercial or industrial property; its the first line of defense against intruders and it represents status and strength. It’s peace of mind for any business owner.

We can custom fabricate any type of security gate or fence needed for your business while still providing you with a reasonable price. Our workmanship is qualified to meet your personal preference.

Security and Commercial Gates are ideal for locations designed to give public access for welcomed guests while providing security against break-ins and breakage caused by accidents during non-public hours of operation.

  • Public Parking Lots
  • Industrial Complexes
  • Hospitals
  • Military Facilities
  • Parks and Recreation
  • Malls and Churches
  • Schools and Libraries

At Steelworks we can design your commercial gate to fit your exact specifications when it comes to dimensions, thickness of the bars, overhead space, manual or automated. We can design a simple gate or u can choose an architectural design that compliments your building.

We can fabricate a security screen or security decorated grilles for doors, windows, or storefronts. for the added security you need to decrease your chances of experiencing a potential burglary.

Not only will we help you secure your property with a security wrought iron gate but we can also add the convenience of an automated gate opener along with a pass worded key card or pad to make it a more effective security gate. This can be added to any robust looking security gate without compromising the wrought iron security gate.

Types of Security and Commercial Gates

Rolling Security Gate – Popular for any type commercial or residential location. Their rolling feature is a space saver. A simple design is recommended in order to fit the capability and of being a rolling gate. A rolling security gate will not compromise the steel material used for the gate.

Swing Commercial Gate – Ideal for larger spaces that can accommodate with swing feature. Not recommended for high-traffic areas.  Swinging gates have an overlapping feature for bi-parting operation.

Barrier Gate – their unique triangular geometrical design serves solely to function as a barrier. More typical for rural area such as farm or ranch style residential or commercial locations. Designed with a metal frame that will be strong and durable lasting for years ahead.

Security Screens – Light weight material recommended; ideal for businesses and residential properties alike. Do not obstruct views, allow for nice breeze, and repels all types of insects.

Security Grilles – Heavier material used and can be designed to be decorative to fit your preference. Ideal for windows, doors, and storefronts. Hinge open/close feature ideal for smaller grilles that need easy exit access. Easy automated operation available for larger size grilles. Allows for more ventilation.

NOTE: For commercial owners who require more intense security for their businesses, we can use heavy gauge materials with an anti-theft deterrent design.  Any configuration can be designed to work for your application or specific situation.  We have serviced all of our customers in the San Diego area.  If you are looking to add additional security features along with your security or commercial gate, talk to us, we can make a recommendation for you.

Pricing for security and commercial gates is inexpensive for the added security benefit you will gain. We will negotiate a fair price with you. Contact us for a free estimate.