Driveway Gates

Fabricating driveway gates has been one of the most common requests among our customers. We are the experts in driveway gates and we have been serving all of the San Diego area for over a decade. A driveway gate is a wise investment for any home or business as it can dramatically improve and add value to the look of your property. If this is your first investment in wrought iron project at Steelworks we can guarantee that you will be very proud of the gate you own that you will request additional ironwork projects in and around your home.

Important Driveway Gate Features

  • Aesthetically Pleasing.
  • Reliability and Functionality.
  • Safety and Security.
  • Automation Options.

A driveway gate should meet all of your needs. At Steelworks we provide top quality workmanship. We work with only the best materials that include the metal of your choose, color, and protective finish. We can fabricate aluminum gates, iron gates, or steel gates. There are no limits to designing the driveway gate of your dreams. We have a full gallery of photos of driveway gates. If you prefer a standard flat picket gate ask about our current pre-made inventory and we may be able to accommodate within a day. For more architecturally detailed gates we can work with you on the design of your gate.

Driveway Gate Styles

We recommend hot-dip galvanizing your driveway gate to protect against corrosion and a powder-coat finish that will provide ever lasting protection against scratches, chips, fading. Every corner, edge, and groove of your gate will be protected.

Reliability is very important in a driveway gate. You need a gate that will be functional for years to come. You can choose to go with a swinging driveway gate that requires manual operation or choose to go with an electronic gate opener operated by sensor and remote control or key pad.

Things to Consider about Driveway Gates

Sliding gate: These gates are space savers. They are convenient for smaller driveways or driveways that have a sharp or curvy entrance to them. They also are more beneficial for driveways that are positioned in a slight incline or decline. These gates will require a track and roll set up on your driveway to allow the gate to slide open and shut.

Swinging gate: Depending on the length, these gates can be one single gate opening from one end of the gate or a double gate usually opening in the middle where the gates are evenly split. They are more appropriate for larger properties with sufficient driveway space. They are easy to open and close.

Automated electric gate: These gates are known for their convenience in access. Opening this gate can range from a push of a button, to a pass coded key pad, or intercom system. Automated electric gates can be conveniently accessed from a few feet away from home as you are approaching your driveway. Automated electric gates can also include an intercom system for your guests.

A driveway gate should make you feel proud of coming home. We know that you will be satisfied with final product. For additional maintenance we service all of San Diego County.