Garden Gates

Garden gates fabricated from wrought iron and other types of steels have become increasingly popular over the years. Steelworks has worked with many customers in the local beautiful San Diego area on customizing their own personalized garden gate.

Gardens and other types of landscaping settings are an aesthetically rewarding way of accessorizing of small single-family homes, multi-family homes, and commercial locations alike. Our climate in San Diego County is ideal for gardens because of our favorable climate and its ability to sustain the life any type of garden.

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Gardens are a great way of cheering up a small yard or providing an oasis of calm away from the hectic life. But adding a garden gate will go further and frame the entrance to your garden giving it an added appeal.

Other benefits of Garden Gates

  • Protects a flourishing garden.
  • Keeps pets and/or other animals away.
  • Great for picture settings.
  • Gives your garden privacy.
  • Increases property value.

Benefits of Steel-Fabricated Garden Gates

There are different types of materials garden gates can be manufactured from and these might include: wrought iron, steel, stainless steel, or aluminum. The benefit with using metal for your garden gate is its versatility. Garden gates can be any size and shape accommodating different types of gardens and other landscaping settings. Simple picket designed garden gates can serve their basic function of keeping children or pets away from your garden. Pickets are spaced evenly to prevent entry in-between. If you are looking for a more decorative style garden gate, the possibilities for design can go as far as your creativity takes you. We can custom design a garden gate with an intricate design that includes free flowing scroll work, ornamental stampings, and other hand-forged designs. If you would like a design that provides privacy for your garden, we can customize a more solid looking garden gate. If you have a picture or photo of a gate you would like us to replicate we can meet any request. Regardless of the design, your metal fabricated garden gates will remain strong and durable for a lifetime.

Garden Gate Color

     The color finish you choose for your garden gate depends on what type of look you are going for. Black is a classic color common for garden gates. It’s elegant and a good contrast color for any garden and can bring attention to both the garden and the garden gate individually. Other types of contrasting colors include a spectrum of bright colors which can also help brighten any garden. Earthy colors such as green and brown are also chosen for garden gates. These colors will blend into the background and not stand out as much.

     Because most garden gates will be part of an outdoor feature we recommend a powder coat and galvanize finish. Powder coating is an extra layer of protection for your garden gate against rust, scraping, and chipping. And galvanizing your garden gate is an anti-corrosive agent is recommended on many types of metals and it will help protect your garden gate against any contaminants in the air.

We value your business

At Steelworks we know your garden is important to you. It may be your hobby, it may be your source for obtaining your fruit, vegetables, or herbs, or just your personal way of expressing your artistic side. Let’s us fulfill your dream of creating your one-of-a-kind garden garden for your beautiful paradise. We guarantee that you will happy with our work.