Ornamental Gates


Ornamental gates are the bread and butter of our business. We have fabricated hundreds of ornamental gates. When it comes to our ornamental gates, we specialize in attention to detail. It’s our opportunity to provide you with a creative hand-crafted gate that is built exactly to match your preference. Whether you choose to have an indoor or outdoor ornamental gate, we guarantee that you will be satisfied with the finished product.

Our Benefit To You

Our ornamental gates are manufactured in house giving us an advantage over our competitors and also making it more reasonably priced for you.

Ornamental iron gates can be designed in any style to fit any type of home or business. We fabricate all styles of ornamental iron gates such as entry gates, driveway, walk through gates, and manual swing or slide gates. We can accommodate any color because we only use top quality paints.

We can customize ornamental gates for single homes, multi-family complexes or any business.  Whether your preference is rustic, antique, or a modern look you can’t go wrong with enhancing the look of your home with an ornamental gate.

Wrought iron or steel alloy gates are the more typical materials used in fabricating ornamental gates. Gates made from wrought iron may be more heavy and bulky because of the natural state of the metal.  If you prefer a thinner tread for your ornamental gate a steel alloy might best suit your need.  In addition to the style of the gate, we offer a variety of castings if you prefer a more ornate gate.  Personalizing your gate with a unique ornate design helps increase the value of your property while giving it added curb appeal.

Advantages of Adding an Ornamental Gate

  • Beautifies your home.
  • Deters break-ins.
  • Keeps small children and pets safe.
  • Increases home value.
  • Maintenance-free.
  • Lasts for years.

Gate Entry

Protect your Ornamental Gate

Protecting your ornamental gate is essential to increasing its longevity and reducing the need for maintenance.  For outdoor ornamental gates, we recommend hot-dipped galvanization to protect against rust.  This is especially important for locations near the ocean where the increase in moisture from the atmosphere can corrode the metal over time.  Another method applied to our ornamental gates is a powder coat finish.  Powder-coating will keep your ornamental gate looking like new.  It helps prevent the paint from being chipped or scratched.  This is recommended for any metal project that is going to be highly used.

Ornamental Gate Style

Our gates capture the classic elegance of ornamental iron. Our metal can be shaped, turned, and twisted in any form to fit the design you are looking for. You can opt for a basic gate or a more versatile style by choosing from a variety of decorative pickets and scrolls, choose different patterns horizontally for the top or bottom of your gate. Please look over our gallery for the various ornamental gates we have custom fabricated  Truly, the sky’s the limit in choosing the final design of your gate.

  • Arched or Scalloped gates: a great feature that can be added to any iron gate giving it a more concrete look of elegance. This is a great way of enhancing the look of your landscaping.
  • Emblem/monogram on gates: eye-catching and a great way of adding a distinctive personality to your ornamental iron gate
  • Initials: many of our customers have added their initials to personalize their gates.

Our ornamental iron gates are finished to the highest standards. Please feel free to browse through photos of our finished gates in the San Diego area. If you have something else in mind talk to us and we’ll design the special gate you have in mind. Ask to see our portfolio during our consultation visit.