Pedestrian Gates

A pedestrian gate can be the first impression you make when welcoming any guests to your home or business. We have custom-designed and fabricated pedestrian gates all over the San Diego are for over a decade. We specialize in original designs or a custom design the pedestrian gate you have in mind. Pedestrian gates are a beautiful accessory to even the most-simplistic looking home. They can compliment a beautiful landscaping job in your front or back yard. Pedestrian gates can make a bold statement and leave a lasting impression to incoming customers in your place of business.

We specialize in original designs and custom fabricated entry pedestrian gates. These wrought iron gates are a great way to make the outside of your home or business more attractive and welcoming to incoming guests.

Need help in deciding between wooden gates versus metal gate? Consider the facts

  • Wood is not resistant to temperature changes, metal is resistant to all environmental changes
  • Wood is not resistant to insect damage, metal’s powder coated surface repels insects, scratches, chipping, and discoloration.
  • Woods warps, decays, and can become wobbly over time, metal is robust and durable.
  • Wood kills trees, metal is environmentally friendly after it’s galvanized and powder-coated.

Nowadays, pedestrian gates are the way to go.

  • They represent sophistication and modernization on the property they pave the entrance to.
  • They are more cost effective in the long run in comparison to wooden pedestrian gates. And having an open entry for unwanted guests to get through is not the way to take care of your property.
  • Pedestrian iron gates require little maintenance in comparison to wooden gates. The last thing you need is a pedestrian entry gate preventing entry from guests that are welcomed.
  • You choose your preference. We can make a tall, short, arched, non-arched, straight picket or a highly decorated and detailed pedestrian gate.

Features included with your Pedestrian Gate

  • Design your personalized pedestrian gate. Choose your method of accessibility for your gate; self-closing or safety latch.
  • Fabricate your chosen gate.
  • Add an anti-corrosive material by hot-dip galvanizing your gate.
  • Paint and powder-coat your pedestrian gate to give it more durability to lasts a lifetime.