Iron Works

There are many trends that come and go; ironwork is not one of them.  Ironwork consists of working with different metals to come up with a functional and artistic piece. Ironwork has been in style since century-old times and today we continue to appreciate the artistic beauty and function of ironwork so much that the industry continues to flourish.

Blacksmiths were the early architects of ironwork. They discovered unique methods of working to create hand-forged ironwork pieces. They discovered safe methods of manipulating materials consisting ironwork such as wrought iron and other steels to create a useful and attractive pieces of artwork. Any structure, application, or other architectural element that is hand-forged ironwork will remain strong, durable, and will last a lifetime.  Ancient artifacts, structures and buildings, and most of our household items of today are constructed from ironwork.  Many historical landmarks, museums, and structures in different parts of the world have intricate ironwork displays that are still cherished and appreciated today.  And they will continue to grace us and future generations with their beautiful ornate designs for many years ahead.

            At Steelworks we continue to strive to master the art of ironwork. We’ve been part of this exciting industry for over 10 years and we’ve been proud to serve all of San Diego County. Our dedication to ironwork projects has helped us build trust with our customers.  So our mission is to satisfy each and every customer that employs us to meet their ironwork needs.  We are confident that with our skilled craftsmanship you will be the proud owner of any ironwork piece you endeavor on.


We take pride in every ironwork job contracted to us. All of our ironwork is custom-fabricated in-house to the finest detail.  We welcome any customer to our location to see their work in progress.  Our first step entails designing the ironwork of your request.  There are a variety of methods our customers can aide us in custom designing their project:

  • Architects.
  • Customer’s sketch.
  • Customer’s photo.
  • Our gallery of previously completed jobs.
  • Computer-aided Design.

Next is the process of preparing your metal for the fabrication process.  A CAD blueprint is devised for the project at hand in order to meet precise dimensions. A meeting is held to discuss the customer’s needs and mistakes to avoid. A good combination of highly skilled labor and key machinery such as air hammers, milling machine, plasma cutter, lathe and other portable equipment ensures a smooth fabrication process.

Fabrication is a meticulous procedure that requires creativity and diligence at best in order to create the perfect piece of artwork our customer’s envision. Once your ironwork has gone through the final stages of being cut, bent, and shaped, it will be cleaned, painted and or polished with an oil finish. A powder coated spray is added to protect the finish and if it’s preferred by the customer, the ironwork piece is then bathed in a zinc film, a process known as hot-dipped galvanization.


  • Ornamental Gates for balconies, gardens, driveways, pedestrian entrances, and security gates
  • Decorative Handrails for hallways, straight or curved stairways and spiral stairways, pedestrian walkways.
  • Miscellaneous or more unique ironwork pieces such as ornate tables and chairs, chandeliers, storage tanks, marine equipment, exercise equipment.

Benefits of Owning Ironwork

  • Strength and Durable
  • Safe for any usage/application
  • Ages beautifully with time
  • Compliments any environment/setting
  • Nontoxic and environmentally safe
  • Non-corrosive, never loosens
  • Little maintenance, lifetime warranty

Let Steelworks be part of your next exciting ironwork project.

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