Window Guards

Function of Window Guards

Windows are the main entry for all types of break-ins. Having a window guard can protect your home. Many people hesitate with the idea of adding window guards to their home for fear of devaluing their home appearance. Window guards have come a long way from past years. To the contrary, window guards are now a very popular method of protecting your home and increasing your home’s value. Window guards don’t carry the same stigma of past years where their appearance was synonymous to a jailhouse. Window guards can be personally customized to fit the look you are looking for. And they are great compliment to a matching ornamental doorway.

The primary purpose of having window guards is not keep your home safe in all regards. It’s added security if you have small children or indoor pets. Window guards will provide you with peace of mind knowing that your home and family have an added security. Window guards can be visible from many feet away and instantly ward off any burglars who may be spying on your home for a potential break-in. And having window guards gives you the freedom of opening your windows day or night to enjoy a pleasant breeze.

Window Guard Designs

Window guards have evolved from their more standard vertical iron bar design to a more decorative and integrate design. If you prefer a more decorative window guard to compliment the exterior of your home there are various types of designs that can be customized to fit the dimensions of your window. A window guard can be robust, elegant, or contemporary in design. It can be fabricated in most materials including wrought iron, steel, and aluminum. A window guard can be painted in a shade complimentary to your home or you can opt for a color that is contrast to your home and stands out. In addition we powder coat to protect your window guard from fading, scratches, and chips. If you decide on window guards you can choose to get a matching security or screen door.

A Few Variations of the Standard Window Guard

  • Flower Pot Window Guard
  • Curved Window Guard

Types of Window Guards

Standard Bar: A more typical design used for apartment complexes, commercial or industrial properties. The more basic the design the more inexpensive and will provide your property with protection against break-ins or accidental falls.
Custom Decorative Bar: Becoming more popular with homes. They enhance the exterior of the home and will be less expensive than other alternative security home systems.

Window Guard Opening Mechanisms

Steelworks offers different types of window guard opening mechanisms to fit your needs. There are permanent and removable window guards. There is a fast release window guard that allows for easy open and close or you can opt for a fixed window guard mechanism.
Please feel free to talk to us about an estimate for your window guards. We can drive to any location in the San Diego for a complimentary visit.