Balcony Railing

Steelworks has been designing and fabricating servicing all of the San Diego. Whether they are indoors or outdoors, balcony railings can be the focal point of any home. Any choice in style for your balcony railing will enhance the look of your home. If your preference is a simple picket design, elegance can be accomplished making it an eye-catching piece. If you’re looking for a more ornate design we can hand-forge a more distinctive and unique balcony railing that expresses your personal style.

It is truly a work of art piece and each component of the balcony railing plays an important role in its design and fabrication. The graphics are the key to making your balcony railing an inspiration piece. creating the specific style of your balcony railing. Steelworks can create the design you’re looking for.

Choosing the design of your Balcony Railing

Steelworks can customize your balcony raining to fit your personal preference. Balcony pickets can includes twisted or straight bars, hand forged scroll panels, an arched balcony railing or a belly style balcony rail. Please feel free to view our current gallery of photos of outdoor balcony fabricated.

NOTE: Choosing a unique design for your balcony railing can be exciting for any homeowner. If you need a little inspiration to provoke your thought process even further, consider an ornate design that reminds you of a place you’ve previously traveled or visited. Are you inspired by Romeo and Juliet’s romantic and famous Italian balcony scene or by Paris’s ancient and highly intricate historical architecture?
Match your indoor ironwork with your outdoor balcony railing.

Balcony Railing Features

Safety – Balcony Railings, especially those with the purpose of being stepped on will have to be strong and durable. Quality steel material is used to support a balcony railing.
Design – No limits in design choice. A small balcony railing can be highly decorative making it the focal point of any property. You may want to choose a style that will compliment the exterior of your property. Only quality material is used in the design of a balcony railing.
Functionality – Balcony Railing can create an used space indoors or outdoors and turn it into a usable space. Not all balconies will have a platform. The ability to step on a balcony will depend on how far out the platform protrudes from the wall.

Important Considerations for all Balcony Railings

  • We comply with all building codes and city regulations.
  • We will meet the exact maximum spacing requirements for pickets.
  • We will only use top-quality paints.
  • Powder-coating and hot-dipped galvanization are highly recommended especially for outdoor balcony railings.

Let us create for and with you your own one-of-a-kind balcony railing. Whether your home is contemporary or traditional, we can hand-forge distinctive and unique balcony railings that represent your personal life style.