Steelworks fabricates all types of iron handrails to meet your specific needs. Our focus on quality customer service ensures you top quality workmanship at a reasonable price.

We serve all of San Diego County, including Central San Diego, North and East County region

Handrails are always in style. Handrails can be part of any setting enhancing the look of their surroundings. They come in a variety of shapes, styles, and colors. Handrails can be one color or multi-colored such as combining black and gold finish.  We use top quality material to hand-forge our handrails to give them the aesthetic look and feel of wrought iron. Common types of metals used to fabricate handrails include iron, steel or stainless steel, and aluminum.

Handrails for Homes

Adding a decorative handrail to your home can a make a huge impact on your homes overall property value.  Any home can benefit from a simple or highly ornate handrail.  It’s a wise investment for restoring a fixer upper home or for the newer home that needs a minor upgrade.  They are many ways of improving the look of your home but adding an iron handrail will dramatically change the way you view your home.  Iron or steel handrails are not a trend that comes and goes, they are the preferred choice of beautifying the interior or exterior of any home and we guarantee a high yield of return on your investment for the quality workmanship that we dedicate to each individual handrail.

Handrails for Commercial or Industrial Buildings

The primary function of a handrail in a commercial or industrial setting is to accommodate accessibility and making it safe for the public. Handrails may be part of an entrance for any building, stairways, walkways, handicap ramps, and lobbies. But a handrail can fulfill more than just the basic function of a safety feature for the public. A handrail can be multifaceted and can compliment the style of any building, facility or structure.  Many historical landmarks and structures have decorative handrails that are inspired by the Italian Renaissance era of the famous Medieval times of Spain. Many famous architects have worked on handrails in many respective buildings and a result of their crafted artwork these handrails are now a focal point in many locations.

Customizing Your Handrail

Material used for customizing your handrail will vary depending on the location, function, and space.  Typical options for hand-forging handrails are iron, steel or stainless steel, and the durable but light weight aluminum. We will meet any specification for bar thickness. We use computer aided design software and work meticulously to meet the exact dimensions of your handrail. We understand that some residential and public facilities have building codes requirements and we make sure to comply with those requests to ensure that your handrail is safe and functional.

We can help you choose a color for your handrail because we provide a wide spectrum of color choices that include a matte or shine finish.

Powder-coating your handrail is a great option for maintaining the metal’s immaculate appearance. It will help resist any potential scratch, marking, or cut to the metal.

Hot-dip galvanizing is recommended on all outdoor handrails. It protects against corrosion caused by weather and other contaminants in the atmosphere.

Handrail Features

Balusters are the closely spaced decorative bars on your handrail. Balusters are either solid or tubular on a handrail.

Balustrade Designs

  • Standard flat
  • Hammered
  • Twisted
  • Rounded
  • Curved
  • Spiral
  • Belly Out

Note: Scrolls are a very popular design and give your handrail the unique characteristic of a fluid look.

You can accessorize your handrail using ornamental stamps.
Types of ornamental stamping

  • Flowers
  • Spears
  • Leaves
  • Stars
  • Grapevines
  • Medallions
  • Geometric Shapes

Your handrail is assembled using both welding and non-welding methods. Handrails many be bolted to walls and handrail brackets are also available for wall mounting.

We guarantee that you will be satisfied with your final choice in handrail. We welcome you to view our gallery of finished projects in the San Diego area.