Glass Railing


If you’re looking to decorate your interior or exterior home with glass railing Steelworks can help you. We have helped many of our customers in the San Diego area including Downtown San Diego and La Jolla areas to meet their specific needs and requirements when it comes to their glass railing.

Glass railings have grown in popularity over the past few years. This specific type of railing which was more traditionally used on commercial properties such as malls, hospitals, and recreational parks are now becoming equally popular in multi residential complexes and single-family homes alike.

Many homes with a contemporary interior design are nicely complimented by the pristine look of glass railing. The transparency of glass railing gives any space in your home an aesthetic and fresh look to it. Glass railing increases the brightness of your space because it nicely reflects incoming light.

Glass railing gives your home an openness and attractive appeal. It opens up what could be a small area and adds the illusion of ample space. It’s clean and the only maintenance it requires is using a glass cleaner to maintain the look of the glass and a basic hand polish for the rail. The type of glass used for glass railing is durable and long lasting. It’s supported by applying clamps and bolts and its a shatter proof heat treated glass. A handrail will need to be attached to your glass railing to support it. Glass railing sets off an unbounded feeling and creativity will guide the many forms it can take.

Glass railing represents sophistication in a home. Many interior stairs have a curved shape to it. Glass railing is an excellent way to compliment the unique shape of an interior staircase because it gives it a fluid look.

Advantages of Glass Railing

  • Offers an unrestricted view beyond the glass.
  • Top quality glass and railing that is safe and durable.
  • Excellent way of partitioning a space without compromising it.
  • Easy to clean and very little maintenance requirement.
  • Not susceptible to deterioration.
  • For outdoors settings it offers wind and noise protection.
  • Endless options and and affordable.

Ideal Glass Railing Settings

  • Pool enclosures for an apartment complex.
  • Restaurants with a view.
  • Parks and other recreational sites.
  • Contemporary residential properties.
  • Home Decks.
  • Ocean view homes.
  • Malls.

To fulfill your residential or commercial glass railing needs contact Steelworks for your free estimate. We use top quality materials that included untempered glass panels and quality steel fabricated material for your balusters, top rail/handrail.