Spiral Staircase

Spiral Staircase are uniquely designed and fabricated at Steelworks in San Diego. We can offer to assist in your own custom made spiral staircase. Spiral staircases come in different styles which may include the traditional, contemporary, cable railing, or wrought iron. We offer spiral stairways in a variety of metals including steel, stainless steel, wrought iron and aluminum. Our staircases are designed to suit any size, space, and range from simply utilitarian  to complex or elegant designs.

Designing your Spiral Staircase

At Steelworks we understand that the complexity of designing a spiral staircase and to give you peace of mind, professional CAD (computer-aided design) drawing are used for each new project.  The CAD drawing will allow the flexibility in creating and modifying your spiral staircase before the fabrication process is initiated. This will dramatically decrease the changes of errors when building your custom designed spiral staircase. This method of designing your metal spiral stairway is a win-win situation for both you, our customer and our business.


Spiral bending, also (and more accurately) known as “Helical Bending”, forms the work piece into the familiar curving shape employed in spiral staircases. There are a variety of stair tread styles and designs offered for our  spiral staircases.

Take a Look at Some of the Options Below

  • Smooth metal finish stair tread
  • Diamond plate stair tread
  • Abrasive finish stair tread
  • Wood top for stair treads (recommended only for indoors)
  • Tiled stair treads
  • Trex stair treads

 Regardless of the style of stair tread of your spiral staircase, each stair tread is lightweight enough but offers the durability needed for the typical wear and tear created by use

  Along with design and stair tread style, your final baluster (or picket) choice for your spiral staircase will be the finishing touch needed to enhance the look of your spiral stairway. Balusters for spiral staircases may be solid or hollow and it can also depend of the type of baluster you choose whether it may be the standard square or a more decorative style such as the twisted baluster. In any case the hollow iron baluster will be lighter in comparison to the solid heavier iron baluster. Here are some examples of types of balusters commonly used for the spiral staircases:

  • Standard baluster – the square shaped picket commonly used.
  • Twister baluster – complements the design of the spiral staircase.
  • Hammered knuckle baluster – use a different series and/or pattern.

 The final spiral staircase product that we deliver will enhance the look of your home or business by adding elegance, class, or an old world appeal.  Browse through our gallery to view some of the jobs we have completed in San Diego.