Exterior Spiral Staircase

Steelworks has been designing and fabricating custom-made iron exterior spiral staircases for over 10 years and have. We offer top of the line quality work.  We know that this iron work specialty requires workmanship that is creative, diligent, and patient in the design of that unique curvy and circular shape of an exterior spiral staircase. An exterior spiral staircase can turn any simple looking exterior of a home or business into an attractive eye-catching work of art. It truly is a work of art and that’s why no better way of communicating this type of exquisite taste than by adding the exterior spiral staircase of your dreams to your residential or commercial property.

 Exterior Spiral Staircase Design

Creating your exterior spiral staircase is a very rewarding experience for us at Steelworks. This is a more complex project that definitely requires the full use of both hemispheres of your brain.

The process of designing your exterior spiral staircase has to be precise to meet the building codes and specifications. It may also need to meet other approval codes. This will ensure that your exterior spiral staircase will not only enhance the look of your placed but will also be functional. The first big measurement is the finished floor to finished floor height. The three big parts of your exterior spiral staircase are the tread, baluster, and handrail. The next steps is determining the type of spiral you are interested in and this can depend on the space you’re looking to fit. Although your exterior spiral staircase is a curvy stairway, the size of the curve may vary. It can be a tight spiral or a looser spiral Wrought iron exterior spiral staircases can unfold in a circular pattern or have a sharper form to them. Regardless of the type of spiral, the important consideration is that your exterior spiral staircase remains uniform in the design.

There other parts that make up your exterior spiral staircase that play a crucial role in the function and design of your exterior spiral stair. The base plate is the first piece that determines the position of the spiral stair. It is planted on the bottom floor of the exterior spiral staircase. The steel center pole is the tubing that supports the treads in place. Some exterior spiral staircase may not have a central pole and instead have a handrail on each side of the stair. The landing piece goes on the second floor and is also supported by your landing rail and baluster.

The size and the space each piece of your exterior spiral staircase occupies has to match exactly. The number of treads requested for your exterior spiral stairway may vary depending on the floor to floor height of your place. The important thing is to also make sure there is headroom for the typical person to use.

Where are exterior spiral stairway used?

Exterior spiral staircases are great for backyards. If you’ve got a deck, an exterior wrought iron spiral staircase is the optimal place to connect one to your patio or back yard.

Protecting your exterior spiral stairway

There are different types of steel you can use for your exterior spiral staircase:

  • Wrought Iron
  • Stainless Steel
  • Steel
  • Aluminum

  Regardless of your choice, exterior spiral stairways require that they be constructed using only durable material.  It is recommended that any type of exterior spiral staircase has a protective coating to preserve it in the years ahead. Both mild and harsh environments can affect the quality of your exterior spiral staircase over time.  Steel that has been hot-dipped galvanized or powder coated will protect each individual component’s surface – inside and out.  When the spiral staircase is assembled, all the joints are coated to preventing them from rusting.  Now you have an exterior spiral staircase that will need little maintenance in the years ahead.

 Steelworks offers a variety of decorative exterior spiral stairs to fit your needs and budget and we guarantee that you will be satisfied with the final product.