Interior Spiral Staircase

Steelworks can fabricate hand crafted wrought iron spiral staircase for the interior of your home or business. At Steelworks we approach each interior spiral staircase as a complete venture from the meticulous design process all the way through fabrication exquisite end product. An interior spiral staircase is not just another job for Steelworks, its a special and unique ornamental iron product that we take serious and we understand the patience and careful precision an interior spiral staircase requires in order to guarantee the final product to our customer.   

Steelworks embarked in the challenge of the iron fabrication of interior spiral stairways in the last decade. Interior or indoor spiral staircases can create an impression of beauty and charm for the interior of a home. Interior spiral staircase are also popular in business settings and you might find them in public buildings such as libraries or museums. No matter the setting, an interior spiral staircase will dramatically enhance the look the surroundings it occupies.

Designs and Material

An interior wrought iron staircase is naturally ornate and an integrative design is almost unnecessary to make it look impressive. The natural beauty of the spiral staircase comes from the natural swirly pattern itself and also whether or not you may choose to have a combination of steel and wood in the design. Interior spiral stairways can be fabricated using any particular metal. These include wrought iron, steel and stainless steel, and the lighter weight aluminum. Balusters (or pickets) may be hollow or solid. Regardless, the key important pieces that will make up your your interior spiral staircase will be the tread, baluster, and rail. If you prefer to go above and beyond the simplistic looking spiral staircase, each of these pieces can individually forged with the specific idea you have in mind to create the interior spiral staircase of your dreams.

Here are a few examples to consider

  • Tread – Smooth, grated, or diamond pattern
  • Hollow or Solid Baluster – Smooth bar, twister bar, knuckle bar, patterned knuckled baluster
  • Handrail Molding – Round end, curved downward or upward, flat or tubular

We can powder coat or galvanize your final product to give it an extra layer of protection from rusting and corrosion

There are specific dimensions and sizes interior a spiral staircase needs to meet in order to be fully functional and meet construction regulations and other approval codes.

What to consider when deciding on your iron interior spiral staircase

  • Space: Wrought iron interior spiral staircase can enhance the small spaces in your home in corner spaces, master bedrooms, of lofts inside a home. Interior wrought iron spiral staircases can fit any style home and especially homes that have a unique or challenging layout to work with. Larger homes such as estates or executive style homes have the luxury of larger space areas and a larger wrought iron interior spiral staircase also known as a double helix take the place of a standard wrought iron staircase.
  • Functionality: Wrought iron interior spiral staircases can be functional inside a home. While wrought iron interior spiral staircases offer a unique charm and beauty to your home they should not be your primary staircase in your home for carrying things up and down your home. Wrought iron interior spiral staircases can and are used to get from one point to another in your home but ideally you don’t want to carry such as a load of laundry using a smaller wrought iron interior staircase.
  • Price: The advantage of having a wrought iron interior spiral staircase is that it is cost effective over other materials and requires very little maintenance if any. You won’t need a highly decorative wrought iron interior spiral staircase to make your home more impressive. It’s a guarantee that no matter how small your wrought iron interior spiral staircase, it’s sure to be the inspiration of a conversational piece with your guests.

An iron interior spiral staircase can truly be the centerpiece in your home or it may compliment a small corner in your home.

Steelworks will work to accommodate your needs when it comes to your interior wrought iron spiral staircase. We guarantee that you will be satisfied with the final product. You’ll never have to worry about your interior spiral staircase functionality and charm. It will last you a lifetime.

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