Exterior Stairways

Steelworks specializes in exterior iron stairways. Fabricated exteriors stairways are very popular for houses and businesses alike. Adding an exterior stairway will not only add value to your property but it will make it safe and convenient.

At Steelworks, customer service is highly important. That’s why we offer a wide variety of stair designs and styles for your outdoor remodeling projects. An exterior stairway can blend nicely with the design of your property. Our work will not only make your home, residential complex, or industrial building look modern and impressive, but we will make sure that the design adds convenience and accessibility too.

We can meet any specification requested by you

  • For your home, we can customize your exterior stairway using a simple design or a more decorative design.
  • For any residential complex, we can meet the necessary height and width thread requirements to comply with City of San Diego regulations.
  • For any commercial building, we can create a safe, durable, and cost effective exterior stairway that will last you a lifetime maintaining.

Important Features of an Exterior Stairway

Safety – your stairway should be functional and safe and we guarantee that it will meet cities local standards. It should be able to withstand the normal limits of a given weight without compromising it safety. It should be designed so that small children can climb up and down the staircases with getting stuck in the spaces in between the pickets and/or treads. It needs to accommodate any person also be a means of transporting objects.
Attractive – your stairway can be the focal point any properties exterior and if you personalize your stairway to meet your decorative needs it can be a welcoming piece of iron work that is visually appealing.
Practical – your stairway should be comfortable and easy for any person to walk through.
Economical – we know that you need a reasonable price to fit your budget. We guarantee that we will deliver a quality stairway at a price you can afford.

If you are considering an exterior wrought iron stairway, Steelworks uses the finest material to ensure that your stairway lasts you a lifetime. We can custom fabricate your exterior stairway using any material including wrought iron, steel, or aluminum. Each metal varies slightly and has its fair share of advantages. See below:

  • Wrought Iron – Heavy and Robust
  • Stainless Steel – Naturally Anti-Corrosive
  • Aluminum – Light-Weight and Clean-Looking

Protective Finish

For any exterior stairway we recommend a protective finish to increase your gates durability against corrosion from the environment and wear and tear caused by heavy use.
At Steelworks we use a powder coated finish maintain the pristine look of your exterior gate. We also recommended hot-dip galvanizing your stairway to protect against deterioration caused by moisture or salt molecules from being near the ocean, gas emissions, car exhaust, and other chemicals that might come in contact with the metal. This will help eliminate the need for any future maintenance.

Contact Steelworks in San Diego for an estimate and feel free to browse our gallery of our completed exterior stairways all over the San Diego area.