Interior Stairways

Steelworks specializes in custom fabricated interior stairways in residential and commercial settings locally in the San Diego area. All of our iron work is designed, hand-crafted, and fabricated in-house giving our customers the freedom to stop by our shop for a glimpse of their interior stairway in the making.

Modernize your home with our one-of-a-kind interior stairways made out of a variety of metals such as wrought-iron, aluminum, steel and stainless steel.

Design Types for Interior Stairways

Steelworks will meet the style specifications for your interior stairway. You may be looking for a simple design or a more ornamental design that might include decorative scrolls, flowers, vines, circles, rings, collars, straight bars, twisted bars, curved bars. An interior stairway will compliment any interior design of a home or business. If you have a lot of wood in the interior of your home, splash it with a little creativity piece such as with the classic or rustic look of an interior iron stairway. If you have a more modern steel interior style enhance the contemporary look with a bold wrought iron interior stairway.
Many older home have interior stairways made of wood or concrete material. There are many advantages with choosing a metal based interior stairway.
Need help deciding whether a metal interior stairway is the best choice?

Consider This

  • Choose from a variety of styles of stairways to enhance the interior look of your home or business, making it a welcoming piece for everyone to appreciate.
  • Any stairway fabricated from metal will last for years and will little if any maintenance especially if it is indoors. It’s the one fixture in your home or business that will outlast anything else. We use special powder coated paint that forms a resistant layer against chipping, scratching, or fading of the paint. The helps maintain the new look of your stairway for years ahead.
  • If you’ve got a unique interior setup or a challenging space we guarantee that we can meet the specific dimensions and any angle in the interior of your property.
  • You can choose a horizontal or vertical picket for your interior stairway. Treads can be metal, wood, or carpeted depending on the style you are looking for.

Advantages of Iron Interior Stairways

  • The unique hand-crafted components allow the interior of a home to stand out among the rest of the home’s furniture and fixtures.
  • Always a trend and never goes out of style.
  • Low maintenance and Clean-looking.
  • Unlike any other material, as iron ages it adds value and beauty to the interior stairways.
  • Gives the appearance of having a spacious home or business.
  • Gives your home or business an aesthetic and welcoming appeal.
  • Wrought iron interior stairways adds functionality to your home or business.

 Let your next investment for your home or business be the addition of a hand-crafted work of art interior stairway.  It will add value and elegance to any interior leaving you feeling proud and delighted of owning the finished product that our skilled workmanship delivers to you.

“For a man’s house is his castle.”
                     – Lord Edward Coke