Aluminum is a low density pristine silver-colored shiny metal commonly used in the iron works industry.  Aluminum has its share of advantages and disadvantages in comparison to its counterpart wrought iron. But it has its place in the metal industry.  We have designed and fabricated various aluminum jobs in the County of San Diego.  More common aluminum jobs include gates and railing.  Other aluminum tooling and less common jobs that we have completed locally in San Diego include air tanks, frames, balconies, aluminum wiring and cabling.

What exactly is aluminum? Another term used to describe aluminum ore is “bauxite”, a term used more so in the iron industry a less commonly used by the typical American. Aluminum is a natural element and makes up part of our earth’s crust and it’s the most abundant of all the metals.  Aluminum contains other elements such as oxygen, silicon, and sulfur –the popular substance used by the metal industry to help prevent rust.  Aluminum is pretty abundant today and is highly used in today’s steelmaking market.

We have benefited domestically from the utilization of aluminum. We drink our favorite beverage from a 100% aluminum can.  There are specific reasons why aluminum is used to hold most types of beverages. Aluminum will not interfere and will actually help retain the taste of the beverage. Aluminum has no aroma even after it’s gone through the heating process.  Aluminum has a long shelf life without compromising the refreshing taste of the beverage.

 Trivia for you 

Some aluminum-contained beverages have phosphoric acid in their list of ingredients such as our popular Coca-Cola brand, but the inner lining of aluminum can contains a thin plastic film to prevent the acid from reacting to the metal aluminum.

 Sodas are carbonated, and after not being opened for awhile and all the movement of being transported from location to location a few dozen times can create pressure inside the can, but even though aluminum is so thin, it can withstand several pounds of pressure per square inch in comparison to other similar metals such as tin.

 Benefits of Aluminum

  • Cost effective: Aluminum is not necessarily cheap but when compared to other metals it is a more cost effective in terms of weight ratio to strength.  Aluminum can be just as strong as other types of steel at a lower weight therefore making it more cost efficient.
  • Light weight:  Aluminum alloy although very thin responds well to the smelting (heating) process yet still maintains its strength and durability.
  • Hygenic: Aluminum is clean and safe.  We use aluminum-based products on daily basis: aluminum foil, cookware, utensils.
  • Attractive: Aluminum maintains it naturally shiny appearance with the help of its anti-oxidization process. Also aluminum does not rust.
  • Reusable: Aluminum is versatile. The same piece of aluminum slab can be recycled dozens of times and still retain the same quality of the original alloy.  This is why it makes practical sense to have your soda in a can.

Types of Iron Work Machinery used to Work with Aluminum

Because aluminum is a thinner alloy in comparison to other metal alloys it’s worth mentioning that machinery and tools used to work with aluminum is also aluminum-based.

  • Aluminum Saw, Miter Saws, and Chop Saws
  • Aluminum CNC machine
  • CNC Router Aluminum
  • Aluminum Tooling

Welding Aluminum

In addition to machinery, skilled welders are crucial in completing a successful aluminum job.  TIG and MIG welding are methods used to weld aluminum though MIG is a better at welding aluminum.  Aluminum takes longer to heat and once you reach the desired temperature, aluminum can hold the temperature for longer periods of time. Best temperature to maintain is usually about 300 to 400 degrees F.  In order to have more control over the smelting process of aluminum and to prevent possible warping, using a TIG or MIG will be the best welding process.

Besides the soda can, what else comprises aluminum? 

  • Transportation such as our automobiles, airplanes, bicycles.
  • Furniture fixings such as lamps, mirrors, and tables.

For your next ornamental project consider aluminum as your choice in metal.  Aluminum will fit well in an application that requires less structural support such as an entry or driveway gate.  Aluminum will fit well with your next tread choice for your hand-crafted spiral or standard stairway.  Or if have a unique job that you need assistance with talk to our qualified employees to determine if aluminum is the best choice for you.  You can truly create your own unique ornamental artwork with the light-weight, attractive, easy to work with and durable aluminum.